How John Tesh Celebrated Peter Walsh’s Birthday

24 09 2010

Blogging about decluttering and organizing one’s life.

Belated Happy Birthday Peter.  FaceBook let me down and did not remind me.

As John says, organizing your space is not a do it once and it will stay neat and organized forever job. It is an ongoing process made less troublesome by putting in place systems and routines for staying on top of the disorganization and clutter.

That is where Peter Walsh excells.

 Peter says the starting point in  dealing with your stuff is in honestly answering this question: what do you want from your life  then narrowing it down, focusing,  and assessing  your expectations for the space available.   (This works with time too.)

Peter says you’ll never make a dent in your clutter unless you stop  new items coming into your home, including  magazines, newspapers, junkmail (even junk email)  and anything that is not a bare necessity for living.
Peter- I have to disagree with the extreme of that statement. There has to be room for some things around us that are purely for pleasure.
I will say if it is not useful or does not add value to your life move it along.

From John’s Blog, the baby steps and declutter rules from Peter and others:

Toss it if…

1. You have twice as many as you need. Take inventory of your duplicate items. If you own enough spatulas and coffee mugs to supply a small diner, it’s time to shed a few. 

2. It’s a gift you don’t love. “Sometimes when we give away a present, we feel like we’re giving away the person,” says Elsa Jewett, a feng shui consultant based in Denver. Remind yourself it’s just an object.

3. It’s not worth repairing. Search for similar items on eBay; if your item’s current value is less than the cost of repairing it (hello, broken printer from 2004), then toss and replace. Otherwise, give yourself a deadline. If you don’t get around to fixing the thing within six months, you can probably let it go.

4. Your gut says lose it. Don’t second-guess your instincts. “A lot of people worry they’ll have regrets,” says life coach Gail Blanke, author of Throw Out Fifty Things. “They’re afraid that one day they’ll need that exact thing. But 99 percent of the time you just don’t.”

5. You don’t know what it is. UPOs (unidentified plastic objects) get 30 days. If they’re still a mystery one month later, dump ’em.

Keep it if…

1. It’s sentimental gold. “The more memorabilia you have, the less emotionally valuable each individual item becomes,” says Emily Wilska, an organization consultant in San Francisco. Instead of saving every card your beloved uncle ever sent, pick the one that captures his spirit best. 

2. It fits your life today. Your possessions should support who you are right now, not the person you were five years—or five pounds—ago. Your ten-year-old LBD that still looks great? It stays.

3. You think it’s gorgeous (even if no one else does). Stuff that makes you smile—like the glittery clothespin reindeer your child made in third grade—doesn’t count as “clutter.”

4. You’d buy it again. It’s tough to be objective about your own belongings. So ask yourself, What would I do if I saw this in a store?

5. You’ll find a place for it. “Putting it back in a box is just predisposal,” says Erin R. Doland, author of Unclutter Your Life in One Week!! Any item worth keeping is worth creating a space for. 

Walsh says, “This quick purge is just a primer, but it will fill you with excitement and a real sense of what conquering clutter can achieve. Now that you’ve cleared away the first level of clutter, you’re ready to tackle the real issues. Open up your space and unclutter your mind!”

Check out John Tesh’s Blog for more interesting ways to get your life under control, including a post on Time Use and Getting Things Done  and another on creating Good Habits to improve your life.


Try This while you Blog

21 09 2010

To keep from getting Blogger Butt, I have found this exercise to do as I sit at the computer.

Give it a try. 

I don’t know why there is no sound with this video but if you play the Gummi Bear song (in previous post) at the same time as this video I feel it works well together.


Ich Bin Dein Gummibar

20 09 2010

only slightly less annoying

or maybe you’ll like it this way?

maybe a touch of class

Now, next time you reach for that late afternoon snack…

and yes, you can play all the videos at the same time.

Hello world!

18 08 2010

It is time for me to post different topics on different blogs.
This will not be very active at first but maybe I can get up to speed more quickly than I did on my original blog

Please visit there often as I will continue mainly posting there.

I am also preparing an arts and crafts related blog I hope you will visit.