Beautiful Autumn Weekend

11 10 2010

This is a wonderful time of year to be a country girl


The temperatures seem to be perfect without the strong winds of spring


You can wander down by the creek without mosquitos buzzing your ear


Maybe you will happen upon a stockpile of free pots  (and a chair)

and an open barn door inviting you inside

well, if you leave the horse outside

There were treasures to be discovered and I admit I did bring a few home

but the beauty of this weekend was enjoyment of a FREE  walk in the woods

with my camera and someone I love.

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Try This while you Blog

21 09 2010

To keep from getting Blogger Butt, I have found this exercise to do as I sit at the computer.

Give it a try. 

I don’t know why there is no sound with this video but if you play the Gummi Bear song (in previous post) at the same time as this video I feel it works well together.


Hello world!

18 08 2010

It is time for me to post different topics on different blogs.
This will not be very active at first but maybe I can get up to speed more quickly than I did on my original blog

Please visit there often as I will continue mainly posting there.

I am also preparing an arts and crafts related blog I hope you will visit.